Archaeologists discover the long lost Knightmare Dungeons!

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First Room

Overgrown and run down, the first chamber reveals hints of historic encounters.

Lilith's Room

A solitary owl stands guard, undisturbed for decades, awaiting Lilith's return.

Owen's Room

A dragon who no longer instills fear in explorers, his snout extinguished, lies decayed in the depths of the dungeon.

Second Bomb Room

Grisly evidence of bygone tragedies, the bomb rooms put paid to those who were not fleet of foot.

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Available sizes

Stained Glass Room

The Knightmare Dungeon Expedition has made an encouraging discovery! In a dingy neglected room, the team of explorers have uncovered a virtually intact stained glass window!

Merlin's Room

Signs of plundering are everywhere. Books of spells have been torn apart and pages removed.  Are the raiders still in the labyrinth?

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Available sizes

Key Puzzle Room

After unearthing the Helmet of Justice, our intrepid team of archaeologists let their hair down on a Friday and indulge in a bit of Cosplay fun in the abandoned Key puzzle room.

Giant's Room

The explorers delve deeper into the dungeon.

The team take to widescreen to record the historic discoveries they are making. A giant's skull is revealed...but hiding what?

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Available sizes

Corridor of the Catacombs

Corridor of the Catacombs! Worryingly, there seems to have been regular footfall between the doors and paths have been cleared through the rubble from the fallen ceiling! Goblins??

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Wall Monster Room

Granitas has escaped from the wall! He could  be at large elsewhere in the Labyrinth.

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Being Watched

A Suspicious Character has the old Knightmare Castle under surveillance.

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Ante Room Revealed

Treguard's Chamber has been unearthed. Another great find

No Turning Back

The Castle looms! No time for faint hearts.

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Available sizes

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